Patient satisfaction is a hallmark of the ASC industry. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General surveyed Medicare beneficiaties who had one of four procedures in an ASC. He found that 98% of the people were satisfied with their experience.

One reason for high patient satisfaction is convenient scheduling. According to a survey conducted by the ASC Association, 75% of ASCs started more than 80% of their cases on time. Patients also choose ASCs for their high level of professionalism and safety. The ASC Association’s survey shows that over 50% of ASCs had fewer than three complications per 100,000 encounters and that over 50% of their medical staff is board certified.



“Each person with a responsibility in my surgery at Northwest ASC made themselves and their role clear to my wife and me. Every possible concern was addressed and we felt the utmost confidence in the staff. The entire process was completed without any problems and recovery went as smoothly as the admitting, preparation and the surgery itself. Thanks to the surgery center folks, my shoulder is no longer a problem and I can once again drive the Disabled Veteran’s Van from Astoria to Portland.”

—Lee Talbot, Astoria, OR


“The surgery center environment is optimal for patients, surgeons, anesthesiologists and employees. Everyone is focused on creating an atmosphere that fosters exceptional patient care, stream-lined efficiencies, cost effective processes and optimal patient outcomes. A focus on wellness and personalized care are two things that our patients say they appreciate in a surgery center. Increased efficiency and rapid turnover times benefit the surgeons, anesthesiologists and patients. Valued employees provide the exceptional care that creates a truly enjoyable surgical experience.”

—Ira Weintraub, MD, Northwest ASC, Portland, OR

Registered Nurse

“The Ambulatory Surgery Industry is a valuable part of today’s healthcare system. In our rural community, our multispeciality ASC is the only surgical alternative to our one hospital (with exception of one small eye center). Our ASC provides the people of our community safe, quality care and efficient, valuable service. It also provides our physician shareholders and stakeholders with a facility they can take pride in and improve their practice efficiency.”

—Tammy King-Rice, RN, Clinical Manager, Oregon Surgery Center, Roseburg, OR